Shea Butter Relaxation

Sensatia Botanicals


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Sensatia Botanicals Shea Butter Relaxation

2019 years ago





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I just can't say enough about Sensatia's SB30 Series. It is just something that has to be experienced to be believed. PROUDLY boasting pure, unrefined, African Shea Butter as 30% (SB30) of the entire vegetable oil content, this soap can't get any richer. It is probably the creamiest, most buttery bar of soap on planet Earth. These soaps, particularly, are so gentle and nourishing they make great face soaps for all skin types even for people with sensitive skin. Get it, its awesome!

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Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals adalah brand skincare asal Indonesia yang didirikan tahun 2000 ini fokus membuat produk dengan bahan-bahan alami berkualitas.

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