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Crabtree and Evelyn


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5:41 PM . 20 May 16

Well, actually I'm one of those people who's prefer solid soap than the liquid one. (less chemicals & eco-friendly)Wanginya tahan lama, dan enggak bikin kulit kering. Recommended untuk yang pingin coba "mandi kembang" but in a fancy way.

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8:35 PM . 14 May 16

Astaga, ini sabun batang yang cukup mahal. Tapi wanginya bikin ga nahan haha. Asli wangi banget. Jadi ga perlu pake parfum lagi hehe ^^
in the other hand, sabun ini juga bikin kulit jadi lembab dan halus.
Mungkin sabun ini ga bakal aku pake stiap hari karena... (mahal abis haha). Jadi mungkin aku pake kalo emang lagi stres aja. Jadi ga perlu jauh2 spa karena wanginya sabun ini nenangin banget. so clean smelling  ..

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9:34 AM . 10 May 16

Sebenernya aku kurang suka sih sama sabun batangan kayak gini. Kurang higienis. Kayak balik lagi ke jaman dulu. Tapi mungkin ada kelebihannya kali ya kenapa dikemas kayak gini. Well...mungkin harus dicoba dulu baru ngerasain apa kelebihan dari sabun batangan ini.

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5:49 PM . 23 Dec 15

sebenernya bukan penggemar sabun batang/ sabun padat. but this one is an exception. the smell is really good, not too too much. i feel so much refreshed right after taking a shower. di indo emang gak banyak, but try plaza indonesia ;)

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9:05 PM . 26 Oct 15

This soap is awesome. I am really sad that it is hard to find in indonesia because I was completely in love with this soap. It is not overly perfumed just enough that it smells fresh and calm. It is a great alternative to those more expensive soaps (as loccitane) out there and even better since it gives you the same clean and moisturization while being easy on the pocketbook. I can also smell the scent on me all day. It doesn't wear off, which is a blessing.

4 User's Overall rating

Crabtree and Evelyn Lily Triple Milled Soap


2 years ago






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Our gentle cleansing Lily Triple Milled Soap features moisturising shea butter and wheat germ oil, along with conditioning lily of the valley extract and evening primrose oil, for silky smooth and fragrant skin.

- 30-step triple mill process creates long-lasting fragrance
- Vegetable base formula gently cleanses the skin
- Free of parabens, phthaletes, propylene glycol, and mineral oil

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