Vampire's Love Blush Gelee

Bloody Mary



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10:35 AM . 22 Aug 15

Packaging: It is comes with a tiny plastic container. It has a little pump, which really help to adjust the amount of the blush that I want to use.

Shade: Bloody Mary (this blush only comes with 1 shade). The first time I pump it from the packaging, The is bright red and I was think.. No way I will apply that red thing on my cheek!!! I will look like a clown. But, when I try to blends it using brush, the color become more soft and like natural red/pink. I love it~

Texture: Soft and a little chewy. Imagine to massage a jelly on your skin. well, that's the feeling when I used this blush~ It is very pigmented and only need a little amount to get a natural red/pink cheek.

What I love:
❤ It is long lasting
❤ Unique texture
❤ Very pigmented and the color comes out really nice.

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Essence Vampire's Love Blush Gelee


2 years ago






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Essence Vampire's Love Blush Gelee adalah blush on dengan tesktur gel. Bentuknya yang unik dapat memiliki pigmentasi yang tinggi dengan coverage yang merata. Aplikasinya dapat bertahan 6-7 jam.

How to use :
Aplikasikan pada bagian pipi

Suitable for :
Semua jenis kulit

Ingredients :

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Essence adalah brand kosmetik asal Jerman yang dibuat oleh Christina tahun 2001. Dengan produknya yang berkualitas dan terjangkau, Essence pun digemari para wanita dan hampir tersedia diseluruh dunia.

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