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9:51 AM . 29 Jun 17

Like it,
Creamy,Natural,Packaging mevvah + cute,Blendable,Mahal ,Cocok kalo yg jarang pake bedak atw yg suka pk cushion ini jodohnya bangetHasilnya natural bgt ky mukanya nge blush sendiri. Buat yg punya budget lebih buat blush on bolehlah dicoba karena ga ribet juga harus bawa2 brush kemana2.

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11:57 PM . 14 Dec 16

Suka banget sama tekstur nya cushion blush ini.. dipake natural dan ngga bikin makeup jdi keliatan medok.. a little bit pricey..cuma ngga tau kenapa punya aku tutup luarnya ngga bisa nutup sempurna dari awal aku beli..senengnya pake cushion blush ini karena ga perlu repot2 bawa brush kalo pergi seharian dan mau touch up..

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5:45 AM . 15 Oct 16

What's not to love about you, my dear Lancome Blush Subtil Cushion?
This cute petite and adorable thing is proof of experience being lingered upon first love. Prior to this, I didn't believe in love at first sight, but this product has conquered my sight haha. 
I'm so in love with this blush cushion. This is definitely my Holy Grail product. Due to the approximately 4 cm diameter it's so easy to carry anywhere anytime. It doesn't make my bag heavier at all. 
Fyi, prior to this, I wasn't compelled at all with makeup products besides base and lip thingy. But something came up and easily changed my mind, I saw lot of women, either on internet or in real life, who get prettier when they add some pinkish color on their cheeks. The power of pink color can brighten up lady's face and perish the paleness. Literally, I hopped in my car and went to Sogo, hoped I'd find that thing which suit on me. Without took a long time, my eyes was hooked on a little round pan filled with a vibrant pink color which stalled at Lancome spot. 
I was so happy back then when I realized that it's a blush formed as a cushion. I love cushion product so much, since it's very helpful for a dummy makeup enthusiast like me hehe. I can say that cushion innovation in beauty world is truly a greatest breakthrough.
How can I say NO to the blush laid on a cushion pan? 
It's easy to apply on, just tap-tap-tap, 1 layer is enough, also it's blending smoothly. I don't have to worry about the sprinkle crumbs that usually happen in most of powder blush, which many people had reviewed. 
One layer has deep enough to pull off pinkish red-toned, and it sits there for quite a long hours. This is recommended and absolutely once I've finished this blush cushion, I'll repurchase. 

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Lancome Blush Subtil Cushionl


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Cushion Blush Subtil gives your cheeks a vibrant, color-infused glow with effortless application.
With highly concentrated color pigments, it only takes a small amount to instantly tint, refresh, and brighten your cheeks.

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Lancome adalah brand skincare, makeup, dan parfum premium asal Perancis didirikan oleh Armand Petitjean pada tahun 1935. Dimulai dengan toko parfum, saat ini Lancome telah didistribusikan secara internasional.

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