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10:41 AM . 03 Jun 17

One of the best drugstore blushes I have ever tried! Finely milled, great pigmentation, applies very evenly with a gorgeous sheen on it and can be layered on for some drama. It gives my cheeks a healthy flush that sits right between coral and peach so it warms my face right up and pairs so well with peachy nudes and warm browns. The highlighter part is alright - it seems to be sprayed on so I am not sure how much product there is in there - it's neither glittery nor metallic so it just right. But the bold shade is what I live for and this blush really has become part of my daily staple ever since I've discovered it - bumping my UDs and MACs out of the way. Highly recommended. 

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NYX Ombre Blush


7 months ago






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Treat your cheeks to a radiant flush of color with our Ombré Blush, a new gradient blush inspired by the ombré trend. This must-have formula features two silky colors blended into one perfectly coordinated shade combo. (It’s like they were meant for each other.)

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NYX Cosmetics didirikan oleh Toni Ko di tahun 1999. Awalnya NYX ditawarkan hanya kepada para makeup artist melalui pameran, lalu tumbuh berkat promosi dari mulut ke mulut. Sekarang ini NYX telah dijual di seluruh dunia dan penggemarnya pun tak hanya lagi para makeup artist, tapi juga orang awam. Produk-produk NYX memang cukup inovatif, cukup bagus kualitasnya dan mudah ditemukan di berbagai drugstore dengan harga terjangkau.

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