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Shameless Bold Blush
214 PROMISCOUS - Warm Rose
Marc Jacobs
Rp. 400.000
2 Reviews
Normal, Fair, Warm, 25 - 29
01 Feb 2016

beli ini di sociolla karena dapet voucher. warnanya cantik, packagingnya juga cuman sayang aplikasinya susah karena ini termasuk blush cream dan kalo ga ati2 bikin muka jadi jreeeng kemerahan.<br /> <br /> but so far warnanya bagus dan pigmented, cuman kalau untuk repurchase aku gak akan beli lagi mending invest di hourglass lebih worth it.

Combination, Medium, Warm, 19 - 24
16 Sep 2015

Bought this shade 214 Promiscuous over a year ago, promiscous is a beautiful warm rose shade, it gives you natural rossy cheek and despite using this baby sometimes twice a day, still have over 1/3 of it left - so value-wise. I find this blush goes on very pigmented and blends nicely, but on me only lasts up to 6-7 hours, I love the packaging it has a pouch like chanel blush, but a few months in to using this blush the little front 'latch' stopped working so now my compact doesn't fully 'lock' shut. Definitely something one doesn't wa...

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