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Candy Rose

Kiko Milano


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9:22 AM . 16 Oct 16

When Kiko had a sale a few months back, I decided to give a try to a couple of its products. My selection fell to this Soft Touch Blush as I've heard good things about this line. I got mine in Candy Rose, which Temptalia described as soft, rosy pink with warm, yellow undertones and a semi-matte finish. It has no shimmer in it.
It came in a box, and I do like the packaging. It's nicely sized in a medium size pan, enough for my blush brush to dip in yet still comfortable to hold. The case is made from some kind of matte rubbery-like material. The blush has a KIKO embossed into it, looking elegant. When I swatched the blush with my fingertips, it picks up....nothing. Some pigments can be seen on the fingertips but when I swatched it on my inner arms nothing showed up. It is soft but quite stiff, unlike my Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes. 
I tried to apply this on my NC-25 skin and...saw nothing. I've never really had a problem with blushes not showing up, but this product really confused me. I tried to build it up several times, only then the color started to show up. But for me it's a pass, I do not want to spend that much time building and blend the colors when I can easily done it with my other blushes, be it my Tarte or my Fanbo blush. I do think this blush would be great for someone with fairer skin tone, and someone who rather build up color than having a pigmented blush. For me, unfortunately, it's a miss.

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Kiko Milano Soft Touch Blush


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Soft, rosy pink with warm, yellow undertones and a semi-matte finish. It had semi-opaque coverage with a soft, smooth, lightly powdery consistency that blended well on the skin.

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