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11:42 AM . 14 Sep 17

ini warna lain yang menjadi favoritku. its pink but pretty deep pink. bukan pink yang terang dan gonjreng. warnanya bagus. dan blush on warna ini pigmented. packagingnya kecil sangat travel friendly. dan aku selalu simpan brush bawaannya untuk kusrek" si blush on klo ud mulai susah untuk angkat with my blush brush.

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9:08 AM . 07 Dec 15

Pros of Bourjois Round Pot Blusher : A gorgeous pink blush Bakes texture is a joy to work with. Intensely pigmented Finely milled shimmer which gives luminosity to the skin. Colour coded packaging so it’s easier to locate if you have more than one. Not tested on animals and paraben free. Cons of Bourjois Round Pot Blusher : Bourjois blushes harden over time but if you scrap the top surface, they become as good as new. Expensive. Staying power is average but I don’t mind reapplying because of the gorgeous colour. May not show up much on dusky skin tones.

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1:35 PM . 14 Nov 15

new blush pastel dari bourjois ini warranty cantik banget pas udah di apply. dia texturnya itu gampang banget di blend, terus shimmerynya engga lebay juga jadi suka banget. warnanya juga tahan lama pas di pakai, dan packagingnya simple banget jadi gampang dibawa kemana-mana.

4 User's Overall rating

Bourjois New Blush Pastel

2019 years ago






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Our timeless blusher has been around for almost 150 years and have made Bourjois famous worldwide thanks to its amazing texture and packaging.
The baked texture transforms when applied to the skin into an ultra-fine pressed powder, which is easy to apply and blends impeccably. One stroke of the brush reveals the irresistible aroma of the rose scented powder.
Its built-in mirror and brush is perfect for touch-ups on the go!
The Little round pot blush exists in 12 shades to match all skin tones.

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Bourjois lahir di tengah lingkungan theater dan performing arts pada tahun 1862. Lebih dari 150 kemudian, Bourjois tetap menciptakan makeup, fragrance, dan skin care yang terjual luas di seluruh dunia.

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