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Blush Abricot
Rp. 225.000
5 Reviews
Combination, Fair Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
17 Jul 2016

I tried this brand because they don't use harmful ingredients, and it was on sale. And I am satisfied. The color is pretty, it's so pigmented, I was surprised because I only applied a little of this product but the color is already so bold on my cheek It's also inexpensive and available at some beauty outlet n e-commerce in Indonesia. I also love t...

Normal, Fair, Neutral, 18 and Under
12 Dec 2015

kebetulan akhir-akhir ini aku lagi suka banget pake makeup base yang warnanya agak sedikit pale (lagi suka pake korean products) dan shading colour ini cocok banget to bring back the colour to my skin biar ga pucet-pucet amat haha. really love the matte finish!

Combination, Not Sure, 25 - 29
23 Nov 2015

Blush on mungkin maksudnya ingin memberi efek sun-kissed bagi pemakainya. Sayangnya warnanya kurang masuk di kulit aku, di kulit aku warna blush on ini jatuhnya too orange. Sebenarnya blush on ini lumayan karena gampang di blend dan pigmentasinya cukup bagus.

Oily, Medium, Not Sure, 30 - 34
27 Oct 2015

An unusual matte terracotta-peach shade that took a leap of faith, but hey, how can one go wrong with BoHo? As a blusher, it adds a sun-kissed, healthy tint; as a contour colour, it accentuates shade areas without going dark or dull. It's small, but with strong pigmentation so a little does the job. Buildable and easily blendable as with all BoHo p...

Oily, Fair Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
21 Oct 2015

blushnya sendiri not bad.. engga powdery, cukup pigmented, dan gampang diblend. warnanya ini yang menurut aku kurang bagus. warnanya orange banget, orange muda gitu. jadi hampir mirip warna kulit, harus pake banyak2 biar keliatan pake blush on. kl sedikit2 ga ada efek seger2nya sama sekali soalnya ga keliatan.. <br /> packagingnya kl buat diliat aj...

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