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9:25 AM . 26 Oct 16

I bought this Natural Green Lulur Body Coffee Latte after I've finished my Frank Body Scrub Original. Because I found out that Frank wasn't much better than the others, I decided not to repurchase it. Once I ran out of it, I searched the substitute. I'd like to try something new, not the body scrubs I've tried. So, I had unchecked The Body Shop, traditional cengkaruk, and many others.
Finally I've found an exfoliator that made me stop the hunting. It was NG Lulur Body which have been reviewed by some users. I kept observing deeper before I truly placed an order so I wouldn't waste my pennies. I checked on the ingredients its offered, it's full of natural fruit and plant extracts which surely beneficial for skin. Generally those ingredients were known for their abundant quantities of antioxidants.Whoaa, I was hooked!
There are 3 variants of body scrubs which created by NG, the coffee latte, the oat & milkbath, and the chocobomb. Each of these were classified based on each functions which I could barely decide which one deserves to buy.  After quite long contemplation, I chose the chocobomb variant due to the antiaging benefit. Well yeah in my 30s, I'm obsessed with the importance of keeping my skin healthy, radiant and youthful. So, that's it, CHOCOBOMB!
Too bad, the product was sold out, and since I became too lazy to look for another seller, I just chose what's available. The seller even convinced me that all variants were claimed to give same good results. Eventually I ended up buying the coffee latte variant. It's claimed that the coffee ground improves circulation, leaving a smooth and glowing skin. It's also said that the religiously usage will get rid of cellulite. (I haven't proven it yet)
The packaging wasn't special, but the image of the logo design was captivated. It's so cute and girly supposed it wasn't destined for 30s woman, but I thought what the hell. I started using it by following what's directed. I took 3 teaspoons of it and mixed with few spills of Greenfield fresh milk creating exact paste. I always use it once in a 3 days. I begin with wet skin in the shower, then I apply it thoroughly to entire my body. After that, I scrub in a circular motion and let it sit for 15 minutes. The scrub become drier gradually along the ticking clock. The final step is to rinse it all off with water. 
Tadaaa, I feel really clean especially the drier thing which I consider it as my favorite part because I can be sure the dead skin cells were removed perfectly. 
It's been a month since my first usage, and it's already half-empty, so I guess I can finish this 300 grams body scrub for couple months. 
For the IDR 145000 price tag, it's definitely value for money. Surely I will repurchase it. 

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Natural Green Natural Green Lulur Body Coffee Latte


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